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A multi-institutional collaborative programme on Bioprospecting of Biological wealth using Biotechnological tools was initiated in october 1997 by the Department of Biotechnology. The study is concentrated mainly on the two hot-spot regions - North Eastern Himalayas and South Western Ghats and in addition the Lahaul and Spiti region of the Western Himalayas. There are 9 major subprogrammes involving 13 institutes. Extensive studies have been suggested to address issues of identifying biomolecules,gene markers, understanding generic and species variability, developing habitat relationship of economically important plant resources, their habitat characterization and landscape characters so as to focus on comprehensive biodiversity conservation.

Under this a programme on "Biodiversity characterization at landscape level" has been jointly supported and implemented by the Department of Biotechnology and Department of Space. The satellite remote sensing, with its varied sensor systems, allows assessment and monitoring of vegetation cover and its attributes. The Geographic Information System allows building of comprehensive database on physical, biological and environmental parameters, which govern the spatial distribution of biodiversity. Their landscape ecology unravels the impacts of human intervention, spatial pattern and spatial organization of the habitats. The unique attempt in the DBT-DOS project, allows combining field lab data, ancillary data and information derived from satellite remote sensing for defining conservation strategies and prioritizing sites for bioprospecting.....more

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